Sunday 21 April 2013

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New Year Gift

Hey Friends,

I still remember those days, honestly and clearly speaking, starting days of my Internet Experience. I have some knowledge of Website Designing. I have learn HTML at Modern Computer Education before heading towards India approximately for 2-3 months. I use to read a book by Hemanta Baral named Manuals for  Masters In Computer Application,
While I have started to learn about the Web Technology, one of Marketing Company Reserved this Domain and offered me for the cost of 1500 USD. I was definitely not in position to grab the offer. So Finally on the First Day of Year 2070, I registered my Nick Name as Website. Now Live at www.pyarb.com.

Happy New Year 2070....

Meanwhile, you can connect me on Google+ and My Profile is +John Bhatt and You can Find Hemanta sir at +Hemanta Baral.