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Wednesday 18 September 2013

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Microsoft Excel 2003 : File Menu and Its Commands-2


I am back with Remaining part of Excel's File Menu and Commands.

As you remember, in previous post, we have talked about File Menu Commands upto Web Page Preview.

Lets start with remaining commands.

11. Page Setup :

When you click this option Page Setup dialogue box appears from which you can adjust document margins, paper size, orientation, header footer, sheet, etc. This is one of the important option for printing document.

    12. Print Area :

This command sets the print area of current worksheet. You can choose which cell range should be printed in paper. You can also clear print area that you previously set. To Set a Print Area, choose range of cells by selecting, then click on File menu, choose Print Area option and finally choose Set Print Area option. To Remove a Print Area click on File menu, go to Print Area and choose Clear Print Area option.

   13. Print Preview :

This option shows how the document will appear after printing in paper. This is very important task before printing any document to save Paper and money. If any improvement needed you have to adjust document margins and other properties from Page Setup option. 

   14. Print (Ctrl+P) : 

This command sends instruction to attached printer that is configured with system. You have options to choose Printer, Page Range, Number of Copies, etc. Shortcut key for this command is CTRL+P.

   15. Send To :

If you want to send your excel workbook to other people via e-Mail you have following options to send the file. This command has following sub-menu:  

  1. Mail Recipient
  2. Mail Recipient (For Review)
  3. Mail Recipient (As Attachment)
  4. Routing Recipient
  5. Exchange Folder
  6. Online Meeting participant
  7. Recipient using Internet Fax-Service

   16. Properties : 

This command shows you Document Properties dialogue box to edit or change properties of document such as Title, Subject, Author, Company, Keywords, and other values which are very important to determine the documents property value which will creates Identity of file.

17. Exit : 

This command terminates MS-Excel. This is alternative of ALT+F4 key. You can also quit application from Title Bar or Task bar also. If the document is not saved yet, MS-Word prompts you to save document and shows Save As dialogue box if chosen Yes from prompt and terminates after saving, if chosen No, terminates immediately and if chosen Cancel MS-Excel remains opened. 

Keep reading, for more Tutorials and Articles subscribe. 

All the Best. 

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Tuesday 10 September 2013

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Google and Its Domains


This is the list of Google's Domains till date. Other Services and Google Product domain are not included.

Top level domain Extension Country Name
http://www.google.ad .ad  Andorra
http://www.google.ae .ae  United Arab Emirates
http://www.google.am .am  Armenia
http://www.google.as .as  American Samoa
http://www.google.at .at  Austria
http://www.google.az .az  Azerbaijan
http://www.google.ba .ba  Bosnia and Herzegovina
http://www.google.be .be  Belgium
http://www.google.bf .bf  Burkina Faso
http://www.google.bg .bg  Bulgaria
http://www.google.bi .bi  Burundi
http://www.google.bj .bj  Benin
http://www.google.bs .bs  Bahamas
http://www.google.by .by  Belarus
http://www.google.ca .ca  Canada
http://www.google.cat .cat reserved for the Catalan linguistic and cultural 
http://www.google.cd .cd  Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
http://www.google.cf .cf  Central African Republic
http://www.google.cg .cg  Congo
http://www.google.ch .ch  Switzerland
http://www.google.ci .ci  Cote d'Ivoire
http://www.google.cl .cl  Chile
http://www.google.cm .cm  Cameroon
http://www.google.cn cn  China
http://www.google.co.ao .ao  Angola
http://www.google.co.bw .bw  Botswana
http://www.google.co.ck .ck  Cook Islands
http://www.google.co.cr .cr  Costa Rica
http://www.google.co.id .id  Indonesia
http://www.google.co.il .il  Israel
http://www.google.co.in .in  India
http://www.google.co.jp .jp  Japan
http://www.google.co.ke .ke  Kenya
http://www.google.co.kr .kr  Korea, Republic of
http://www.google.co.ls .ls  Lesotho
http://www.google.co.ma .ma  Morocco
http://www.google.co.mz .mz  Mozambique
http://www.google.co.nz .nz  New Zealand
http://www.google.co.th .th  Thailand
http://www.google.co.tz .tz  Tanzania, United Republic of
http://www.google.co.ug .ug  Uganda
http://www.google.co.uk .uk  United Kingdom
http://www.google.co.uz .uz  Uzbekistan
http://www.google.co.ve .ve  Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
http://www.google.co.vi .vi  Virgin Islands, U.S.
http://www.google.co.za .za  South Africa
http://www.google.co.zm .zm  Zambia
http://www.google.co.zw .zw  Zimbabwe
http://www.google.com .com United States
http://www.google.com.af .af  Afghanistan
http://www.google.com.ag .ag  Antigua and Barbuda
http://www.google.com.ai .ai  Anguilla
http://www.google.com.ar .ar  Argentina
http://www.google.com.au .au  Australia
http://www.google.com.bd .bd  Bangladesh
http://www.google.com.bh .bh  Bahrain
http://www.google.com.bn .bn  Brunei Darussalam
http://www.google.com.bo .bo  Bolivia
http://www.google.com.br .br  Brazil
http://www.google.com.bz .bz  Belize
http://www.google.com.co .co Colombia
http://www.google.com.cu .cu  Cuba
http://www.google.com.cy .cy  Cyprus
http://www.google.com.do .do  Dominican Republic
http://www.google.com.ec .ec  Ecuador
http://www.google.com.eg .eg  Egypt
http://www.google.com.et .et  Ethiopia
http://www.google.com.fj .fj  Fiji
http://www.google.com.gh .gh  Ghana
http://www.google.com.gi .gi  Gibraltar
http://www.google.com.gt .gt  Guatemala
http://www.google.com.hk .hk  Hong Kong
http://www.google.com.jm .jM Jamaica
http://www.google.com.kh .kh  Cambodia
http://www.google.com.kw .kw  Kuwait
http://www.google.com.lb .lb  Lebanon
http://www.google.com.ly .ly  Libya
http://www.google.com.mt .mt  Malta
http://www.google.com.mx .mx  Mexico
http://www.google.com.my .my  Malaysia
http://www.google.com.na .na  Namibia
http://www.google.com.nf .nf  Norfolk Island
http://www.google.com.ng .ng  Nigeria
http://www.google.com.ni .ni  Nicaragua
http://www.google.com.np .np  Nepal
http://www.google.com.om .om Oman
http://www.google.com.pa .pa  Panama
http://www.google.com.pe .pe  Peru
http://www.google.com.ph .ph  Philippines
http://www.google.com.pk .pk  Pakistan
http://www.google.com.pr .pr  Puerto Rico
http://www.google.com.py .py  Paraguay
http://www.google.com.qa .qa  Qatar
http://www.google.com.sa .sa  Saudi Arabia
http://www.google.com.sb .sb  Solomon Islands
http://www.google.com.sg .sg  Singapore
http://www.google.com.sl .sl  Sierra Leone
http://www.google.com.sv .sv  El Salvador
http://www.google.com.tj .tj  Tajikistan
http://www.google.com.tr .tr  Turkey
http://www.google.com.tw .tw  Taiwan, Province of China
http://www.google.com.ua .ua  Ukraine
http://www.google.com.uy .uy  Uruguay
http://www.google.com.vc .vc  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
http://www.google.com.vn .vn  Viet Nam
http://www.google.cv .cv  Cape Verde
http://www.google.cz .cz  Czech Republic
http://www.google.de .de  Germany
http://www.google.dj .dj  Djibouti
http://www.google.dk .dk  Denmark
http://www.google.dm .d  Dominica
http://www.google.dz .dz  Algeria
http://www.google.ee .ee  Estonia
http://www.google.es .es  Spain
http://www.google.fi .fi  Finland
http://www.google.fm .f  Micronesia
http://www.google.fr .fr  France
http://www.google.ga .ga  Gabon
http://www.google.ge .ge  Georgia
http://www.google.gg .gg  Guersney
http://www.google.gl .gl  Greenland
http://www.google.gm .gm Gambia
http://www.google.gp .gp  Guadeloupe
http://www.google.gr .gr  Greece
http://www.google.gy .gy  Guyana
http://www.google.hn .hn  Honduras
http://www.google.hr .hr  Croatia
http://www.google.ht .ht  Haiti
http://www.google.hu .hu  Hungary
http://www.google.ie .ie  Ireland
http://www.google.im .im Isle of Man
http://www.google.iq .iq  Iraq
http://www.google.is .is  Iceland
http://www.google.it .it  Italy
http://www.google.je .je  Jersey
http://www.google.jo .jo  Jordan
http://www.google.kg .kg  Kyrgyzstan
http://www.google.ki .ki  Kiribati
http://www.google.kz .kz  Kazakhstan
http://www.google.la .la  Lao People\'s Democratic Republic
http://www.google.li .li  Liechtenstein
http://www.google.lk .lk  Sri Lanka
http://www.google.lt .lt  Lithuania
http://www.google.lu .lu  Luxembourg
http://www.google.lv .lv  Latvia
http://www.google.md .md  Moldova, Republic of
http://www.google.me .me  Montenegro
http://www.google.mg .mg  Madagascar
http://www.google.mk .mk  Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of\nspons
http://www.google.ml .ml  Mali
http://www.google.mn .mn  Mongolia
http://www.google.ms .ms  Montserrat
http://www.google.mu .mu  Mauritius
http://www.google.mv .mv  Maldives
http://www.google.mw .mw  Malawi
http://www.google.ne .ne  Niger
http://www.google.nl .nl  Netherlands
http://www.google.no .no  Norway
http://www.google.nr .nr  Nauru
http://www.google.nu .nu  Niue
http://www.google.pl .pl  Poland
http://www.google.pn .pn  Pitcairn
http://www.google.ps .ps  Palestinian Territory, Occupied
http://www.google.pt .pt  Portugal
http://www.google.ro .ro  Romania
http://www.google.rs .rs  Serbia
http://www.google.ru .ru  Russia
http://www.google.rw .rw  Rwanda
http://www.google.sc .sc  Seychelles
http://www.google.se .se  Sweden
http://www.google.sh .sh  Saint Helena
http://www.google.si .si  Slovenia
http://www.google.sk .sk  Slovakia
http://www.google.sm .sm San Marino
http://www.google.sn .sn  Senegal
http://www.google.so .so  Somalia
http://www.google.st .st  Sao Tome and Principe
http://www.google.td .td  Chad
http://www.google.tg .tg  Togo
http://www.google.tk .tk  Tokelau
http://www.google.tl .tl  Timor-Leste
http://www.google.tm .tm Turkmenistan
http://www.google.tn .tn  Tunisia
http://www.google.to .to  Tonga
http://www.google.tt .tt  Trinidad and Tobago
http://www.google.vg .vg  Virgin Islands, British
http://www.google.vu .vu  Vanuatu
http://www.google.ws .ws  Samoa

Source: Internet

Enjoy and increase your knowledge.
All the Best.
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Friday 6 September 2013

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Creating New File and Folder in MS-DOS


This is another Tutorials in MS-DOS Series. In this post, we will learn to Create a new file and folder using DOS System. Before this, I would like to introduce you with Command Prompt.
Prompt means “Assist by suggesting the next words of something forgotten or imperfectly learned.” MS DOS prompt also help you and interfaces with you.

In above line C: (colon) is current drive , \ (backslash) is symbol for directory (folder), Users is directory name, \ (backslash) is directory symbol, John is name of folder and > (greater than) is command prompt symbol. This is the place, where you will write command.
1. How to create a File?

Use following commands to create a file in MS-DOS command prompt.

copy con filename ↵

Hi, My name is John. You are learning how to create a file in DOS mode.

^Z ↵
Meaning of above commands.

copy con – This command is used for creating new file.

↵ – This is Enter key. This executes command typed in prompt.

Hi,.. .. .. in DOS mode. – This is text of your file.

^Z ↵ – This is Ctrl+Z key. This saves current file. Alternate for this is F6 key.

2. How to create Folder?

Use following commands to create a folder (directory) in MS-DOS command prompt.

md foldername ↵


mkdir foldername ↵
Meanings of Above Command:

md or mkdir – Make Directory

↵ – Enter Key to execute command.
Will be back with more on MS-DOS Series. Till then, you can add me on Google+ at +John Bhatt 
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Component files of MS-DOS


I am back after so long on my Tutorial Series. This is about MS-DOS.

We left at Introduction of Commands, today we will continue with File System of MS-DOS.

DOS is created using following files. IO.SYS, MSDOS.SYS, COMMAND.COM, AUTOEXE.BAT.
These files are created for special purpose like booting, creating and coordinating with devices for input, output  and saving internal commands of DOS in memory.
In other words these are program files which are created which creating DOS. You will get brief introduction to these files on next page.

  1. IO.SYS & MSDOS.SYSThese both files are hidden files. These are system files and are present on every disc. At the time of booting both of these Files are automatically get saved in Temporary Memory. IO.sys stores the standard operation related to input and output devices. And MSDOS.sys file stores command that contact with operating system.

  1. COMMAND.COM : This is a command interpreter file in MS-DOS which is a group of IO.sys, MSDOS.sys and COMMAND.COM. At the time of booting of computer, all these three files are automatically saved in the memory. COMMAND.COM file contains all the definitions of Internal command and programs of these commands. This file is mainly responsible for executing command which are typed by user in command prompt.. 

  1. AUTOEXE.BAT: After booting Operating System it looks for AUTOEXE.BAT file in the disc and executes it. This process is repeated when computer is switched on. It is a batch file which contains MS-DOS command like a program file and it automatically executes the command written in it. Therefore it is named AUTOEXE.BAT which means self executable batch file.

On next post, I will be talking about creating a File in MS-DOS and Making New Directory (folder).

Till then, you can add me to Google+ at +John Bhatt 

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Wednesday 28 August 2013

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Contineous Increase in Rate of US Dollar - A Letter to Rabindra Mishra


This is a complete copy of Online Letter submitted to Mr Rabindra Mishra, reputed Social Activist and Media Person regarding the sharing of some message to youth of Nepal for consuming Local and Home Product brands instead of using Exported and Branded foreign consumer applications.

रबिन्द्र सर्,

तपाइका अनेक राम्रा कार्य र सकारात्मक विचार का अनुयायीहरु म लगायत संसारभरी थुप्रै छन्|

मेरो एउटा निवेदन: तपाई ले आफ्नो पेजमा सम्पूर्ण साथीहरुलाइ स्वदेसी उत्पादन को प्रयोग गर्न प्रेरित गरीदिनु भएमा देशको आर्थिकस्तर बिदेसी मुद्रा को तुलनामा केहि सुधार हुने थियो कि? मेरो विचारमा आजकलका युवाहरु Imported र Branded वस्तुको प्रदर्शनी को होडबाजीमा आफ्नो देशको आर्थिकस्तर घटाइरहेका र राजनितिक कारण भन्दै समय बर्बाद गरिराखेको देखिन्छ |

मैले हालैको समयमा एउटा Community Website मा प्रकासित भएको एउटा लेख पढेको थिए| त्यो मलाई एकदमै घतलाग्दो र समयसान्दर्भिक बिषय भएकोले सम्पूर्ण नेपाली युवाहरु माझ सेयर गर्नुपर्छ भन्ने लाग्यो | तर Facebook मा थोरै मात्र साथी सम्म पहुच भएको र कमै मात्र Active हुने भएकाले, तपाई ले आफ्नो पेज मार्फत साथीहरु सम्म मेरो सन्देस पुराइदिनु होला कि भन्ने आशा राखेको छु |

पृथ्वी राज भट्ट
झलारी, कंचनपुर
(हाल: गुडगाव, भारत)

I will be publishing more points, what we can do to Increase the value of our currency in future posts. Keep visiting.

You can add me on Google+ at +John Bhatt 
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Saturday 27 July 2013

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Maintenance Complete in Download Center


We have finished migrating all thing from Previous Host to New Host. Download Center is expected to Work as same as previous days. Accounts registered with our website has been kept same and you can log in with earlier credential. Other URLs and Bookmarks you added will also remain same and working.

However, Live FM's will be down for some more hours. We are working and collecting more reliable sources of stream. Once it will be done, we will notify you here.

You can keep in touch by Adding us on Facebook page, Just hit Like and Click Show in Feed link which will appear on hovering Like Button. You can also subscribe to new songs on Download Center  via Feedburner Service by Google. Google will drop you a mail once New Song is available on Download Center.

We have shifted to Higher Configuration and Dedicated Server without any Limitations, So Website is expected to load in less time and other resources also.

Till then, enjoy New songs in Download Center and have fun.

+John Bhatt & Team
P.Yar.B Complex
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Friday 26 July 2013

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Maintenance in Download Center

Hello Everyone!

Due to some serious Errors, I need to take Website Down. I am changing Host and Migrating Files and Databases so that there will be no difficulties while accessing and browsing.

Will be back soon.

Thanks for your patience.

John Bhatt
P.Yar.B Complex

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