Tuesday 12 June 2012

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Microsoft Excel 2003 : File Menu and Its Commands-1

Hello Friends,

I am Back with Excel Tutorial Series. Lets Start with File Menu and Its Commands....

1) New (Ctrl+N) : 

As in earlier software we learned, New works same. When clicked New in File menu you will get New option in Task Pane and you have following options to choose:
Blank Workbook
From Existing Workbook….
As I told earlier, MS-Excel’s document is known as Workbook. Choose Blank Workbook to create one.
Shortcut Key for New Blank Workbook is CTRL+N (^N).

2) Open (Ctrl+O) :

This option is used to Open previously saved Workbook for Viewing, Editing, Printing or Analyzing.
Shortcut for this option is CTRL+O.  Here is Open Dialogue Box.

3) Close :

This command is used to close current workbook. You can close your file without exiting from program. 
When clicked Close it prompts you to save workbook if it is not saved yet. 
Shortcut for this option is CTRL+W.

4) Save (Ctrl+S) :

This option saves current active workbook. 
If it is being saved first time it displays Save As Dialogue Box and gives you option to choose location, give name of workbook and Set File Format else it updates current workbook. 
Shortcut for this command is CTRL+S. Here is a Save As Dialogue Box.

5) Save As :

This command displays Save As dialogue box each and every time you click/choose this option. Even your workbook is Already saved, you will get Save As dialogue box to save your file with other name, at other location or with another format/extension. This command is also a very popular and useful command for Excel. 
Shortcut Key for this option is F12.

6) Save As Web Page :

This command saves current workbook as Web Page so that it can be published on the web. You have options to choose which sheet you want to publish, Add interactivity, etc. Whenever clicked this option, save as dialogue box appears with some modification. Such as Change Title and other option.

7) Save Workspace ;

A Document Workspace site is a Microsoft Windows Share Point Services site that is centered around one or more documents. You and your friend can work on same Workbook at same time at Workspace and update the individual work at final stage.
So this is very good feature of MS-Excel that makes work easy and friendly in Networking.

8) File Search : 

This option is used to search Files or File Contents. This is same as File or Folder Search option in Start Menu. But you can search only such documents which are supported by MS-Excel. You have feature to choose location and File Type on Task Pane when this option is chosen.

9) Permissions :

You can create workbook with restrictions only if you have installed Professional version of Microsoft Office 2003.
This feature works on MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint or MS-Excess only if Information Right Management feature is added to your software.
This feature manages to whom you allow to make change or share your file.

10) Web Page Preview:

This option shows the workbook in browser how it would look like after publishing. If you have created your document for Web Page purpose you can experience the high quality fun of creating web pages. The temporarily converted webpage is stored in temporary folder in .mht and final output file is in .html format.

Remaining Options will be completed soon.

Thanks for Patient.