Sunday 21 April 2013

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Android : Introduction

Hello Friends,

Today, I am going to start New Topic here on my blog. This will be about Android.

We all have android devices and why not to talk about them. Its time to make you informed about the Basic and Important Tips and Things to be done to secure your Mobile and Maximize your Fun.

Definition and Background: 

Android is a Linux Based Mobile Operating System designed for Mainly Touch Screen Devices Initially Designed and Developed by Android Inc. You can find more about this Company, Founders and History on Wikipedia. Some time later, Google bought Andoid Inc and started to Develop it for Mobile Release. For the First Time, Android is released on September 23, 2008. Many of Hardware Manufacturer have implemented the Android System and Customized some UI (User Interface) to make it like their own product because Android is an Open Source Project developed using C, C++ and Java. But the Core system remains same and controlled using Google Services Like Play, Sync and some other Background features and some other Vendor Features so that they attract customers.

Official Website is Android is http://www.android.com and for developers it has its site under subdomain, http://developer.android.com and Source Code can be found at http://source.android.com.

At this time, Most of Android Device (Approx 44 % of All Device) are using Its version 2.3 (and its Minor Versions) and then Approx 29% of Android Devices are using Version 4.0 ( and its Minor Versions).

An Android Device of a Good known company costs Approx 7,000 INR, while there are some Local vendors selling cheaper than these. And Predecting the Highest Rate for an Android is still a difficult task But the cost is compared to their efficiency (Processor Speed, RAM, Internal Memory, Supported Networks, Included Sensors and other Features like Battery Life, Network Capabilities etc).

We will be talking about Features that we must enable and use while using an Android and some more topics in future posts. Till then Keep reading my blog and you can add me on Google+ also. My Profile is +John Bhatt .