Friday 13 July 2012

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4 Years of Being Far From Family

I am going to write a blog about me, It's neither about Tech nor any other Courses. Its personal.

On the 13th of July 2008, I left my family to work. I've just gave Exams of +2 and worried about Exams. So I decided to go to India and do some job between the time period of Exams and Results. I have done a Basic Computer Course called SOP (Smart Office Professional) from UNIT-IT, then I did a crash course from Modern Computer Institute which took about 2 months.

When I left home, I expected a Basic average salary (about 5K INR), working with Computers, a Good office and blah blah...

I, a friend from Village Jagdish and my and Brother (in family relations) left home at the afternoon of 13th July which I still remember. Next Day morning , 14th July 2008, I was working with a Transportation Company named BEST ROADWAYS LIMITED. I was First time in India for permanent living and directly in Haryana. The Language of Haryana is some hard to hear and direct hits ear (but they are really nice). Slowly slowly I adjusted myself with atmosphere.

Now Summary of things what I think I got after leaving home.

  1. Experience of Work / Job.
  2. Completed my +2
  3. Pursuing Graduation
  4. DOEACC 'A' Level
  5. .NET Training / Web Development & Design
  6. Wide Experience in Computer Programming
  7. Some Good Friends
  8. Deep Introduction of Human Nature at Job.
  9. And Most Important.- A Loving and Caring Family 
My biggest earning which  I think is faith and believe of some people which can never be bought.

I can not describe the Joy of listening these Words. 'परदेश में होकर भी अपने  परिवार से ज्यादा प्यार करने वाले परिवार पाने वाले तुम्हे देखकर मुझे जलन होती है | '.