Monday 4 June 2012

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Quick and Basic Beginners Guide to MS-DOS.

As you all know, Microsoft DOS is worlds one of the Most Popular and Powerful Operating System. Which even keeps the same value in the Age of Windows 8. So, Lets learn MS-DOS in a quick steps.

# MS DOS > Microsoft Disc Operating System

# Definition:

MS-Dos is a command based operating system provided by Microsoft.

# How to Start MS-DOS?
 1. Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.
 2. Start > Run > command
     Start > Run > cmd

# Command: Command are small programs that are already built with MS-DOS. Commands are of two types:
    a) Internal Command
    b) External Command
# How to create a new file?

      C:\>copy con filename  
            and press enter

# How to save file?
     ^Z then press Enter.

# How to make a new Folder?
    C:\>md foldername and press enter.

# How to open directory?
                  C:\>cd foldername  and press enter.
# How to Change Folder?

# How to remove a directory (folder)?
    C:\>rd foldername and press enter

# How to delete a file?
    C:\>del filename and press enter.

# How to list contents of Folder?
    C:\>dir press enter.

# How to see the contents of File?
    C:\>type filename and press enter

# How to Erase all previous contents of Screen?\
    C:\>cls and press enter

# How to Close MS-DOS?
    C:\>exit and press enter.

# How to enter full screen mode?
    C:\> press Alt+Enter key.
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