Monday 4 June 2012

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Introduction to Computer.



A computer is a programmable machine that receives input, stores and manipulates data, and
output in a useful format to the user.
The term computer stands for
C: Commonly
O: Operate
M: machine
P: Particularly
U: Useful
T: Trade/Training
E: Education
R: Research

Characteristics of Computer

[1] The ability to perform calculations at the very fast speed. >> Speed and Timeliness
[2] The ability to take information and to store that information for future retrieval. >> Versatile
[3] The ability to take in and store a small variety of instructions for execution. >>Reliability
[4] The ability to use simple logical rules to make decisions for their own internal controls or for the
Control some external activities done by computer. >> No IQ
[5] The ability to communicate with other computer systems. >> Sharing
[6] To carry out computations and analysis accurately and speedily. >>Accuracy

Functions of a Computer

Inputting: refers to the process of entering data into the computer by the user using an input device.
Storing: Refers to the holding of data and instructions in the computers main memory for future
Processing: Refers to performing operations both arithmetic and logical manipulation of data
Into computer so that useful information may be taken out of the entered data.
Outputting: Refers to the process of showing the information or result to the user either on screen
or on Papers through the printer.
Controlling: Refers to directing all the above process in co-ordination. This controlling is done by the
Control unit.