Friday 1 June 2012

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How Can I Block Some Website?

When I was answering in Community Websites and some other Web Tutorials, Most frequent question I was asked was How Can I Block particular Website in my machine/my employees machine?

(How can i block some website permanently like (facebook.com) and more social site on my employees computers.)

I have found a solution and Telling you.

Best way to block such site is using Router Setting if possible.

Prental control and Content Advisors are also Options but Are some traditional and annoying to Employee.
Best method to do so is Change some setting in Hosts File. I am going to tell you about that. To do so, You have to change some setting in individual PCs for doing so.

  1. Open Notepad with Administrator Rights.

 2.   Ctrl+O to Open File. Choose File Path Below.

Windir:(C: )\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

Change File Type to All Files from Right Bottom Corner.

Choose hosts file and open it.

You Will See below Lines at Last of Page
#       localhost
# ::1 localhost
Now Just add this code to Block facebook
Using IPv4 www.facebook.com facebook.com
Using IPv6
 ::1             www.facebook.com
::1 facebook.com

Now Just save this File. 

If you are using Antivirus, This may disinfect it, So Disable Real Time Protection for some time and After saving changes enable those Setting of Antivirus.

Hope, you enjoyed. For more Keep reading. You can add me on Google Plus.