Thursday 24 May 2012

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First HTML Page

We will Now start Creating a Web page with HTML.

To Learn Coding with HTML, Lets learn some Basic Rules.
  • Entire Page is contained inside and tag.
  • HTML Web Document is Seperated in two parts. Head and Body. Head starts Just after HTML with and closes with contents with tag. Head is where where Brain Lies means all Scripts, styles, and Meta Tags are Written Inside Head tag. As soon tag is closed tag is started to Open Body of HTML Page. Body is Place where you can put your Design and Data. This is directly responsible for Display or Look or Design (Web Page). After Writing Body of Web Page tag is closed with just before tag.

Lets have an Example.

Open your Favorite Text Editor (Mostly Love Notepad, I also):

Type Below Code

This is Our First HTML Web Page.

Steps Now in Brief:

First I wrote

bacause I want to create a HTML Document.

Then I put Head in HTML Document, because I want to Write some Code in Head Section. I added Body to HTML Document. I wrote a Paragraph between


tags. Note these Tags are Accepted only inside Body. Now Source Code is:

This is Our First HTML Web Page.

After Coding this in Notepad or Any other Text Editor, Choose Save from File Menu or Press CTRL+S to Save File. Name your File and Put a estension .html or .htm. If you do not type this Extension, File is Saved as Just Text with File Extension .txt and that will not be a HTML Web Page.