Tuesday 15 January 2013

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What I am doing on Dotnetspider?

Hello Friends,

However, I don't have that much Traffic on Internet, but some of my friends keep visiting my blog frequently, it is their love and my pleasure. Some time ago, I received a call, it was from a Friend on Fiji complaining about my Inactivity on this Blog and +Yahoo! Answers.

It has been so long time, that I did'n posted any good tutorials on my blog. I have Joined Dotnetspider on September 2012.  Dotnetspider is a Online Community started and run by +Tony John and Now under the company Spiderworks Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Dotnetspider is completely related to Microsoft Technologies. This website contains tutorials, Institute Listing, Forum (Answer Question, Moderated), Great Articles, Products, Reviews and many more features that can't described here. Main feature of this website is Adsense Revenue Sharing. Spiderworks (Dotnetspider) shares some part of their income to the Active members.

As you know that, Internet is one of the Most Easiest and Hardest Source to money. If you do right with Internet, you need not to do any job. You just need time and knowledge.

As I am also one of the Student of Microsoft Technology, However, I use other platforms also but only for Testing compatibility of developed Applications. Members have earned more than lack including direct and indirect rewards, like Cash, Books, Other Digital Products and most valuable and important is the Certificate of Appreciation. Even, this community is designed and filled with members of .NET world, but you can join If you know any of Microsoft Technology, Microsoft Office, .NET, SharePoint  ASP.NET, MVC, SQL and much more or you want to learn these technologies.

You can also find Interview Tips and your Answers from Forum Experts. Hope, you will have a look at Dotnetspider and join. Remember, This is one of the Worlds reputed Community and strictly moderated. Every content (even a Comment on post) is moderated before publishing. So false advertising and other Tricks might not be enjoyed at all.

You can add me as your Friend after joining Dotnetspider, however, you can also Add me on your Circle +John Bhatt or follow me @JohnBhatt on Twitter.