Sunday 30 October 2011

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Global Warming and Our Future…..

At this time, even anybody knows English or not, He must have listened a word Global Warming. Global warming is not anything else, It is simple as its name, the situation of warming of Globe. Why our earth is getting warmer more day by day. Still you should remember, How funny were the days of Winter and What is the joy of Summer. But now due to temperature imbalance (Global Warming) every climate is like punishment.

I have just logged onto Facebook and saw a status written by Tekendra Sir referenced NASA, Look at our future and your future. We are struggling this much on our future but where is our future. If the same situation remains our temperature will reach 60o Celsius after few year.
I request you all to save all of us from this situation by providing little effort from your end. Some of the small but not minor helps can be following from your end.
Save Paper at your work, home, school etc.
Save trees around you and try to keep your environment clean and green.
Try to save electricity by using CFL bulbs instead of normal bulbs consuming more energy and produce more heat.
Don’t use AC, Refrigerator and such CFC gas producing equipments without need.
Try to aware people about Global warming and precautions to reduce it.
I specially request all science students to aware people about this. Your this effort may be great help for our earth and future.