Monday 24 October 2011

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About Microsoft Excel 2003

Hi All,
I am going to introduce you with Microsoft Excel in brief. Sorry for those who already knew it more.
Microsoft Excel is an Spreadsheet program that is a member of MS Office. Spreadsheet is an electronic sheet that allows you to enter and store data in grid format in computer system. Spreadsheet is electronic version of Accountants book which contains a lot of cells. This has feature to calculate, auto-update, store and retrieve and easy to use GUI tools for operating software. MS-Excel is mainly used for mathematical, statistic and data entry purpose. This is most powerful tool of MS-Office package.
Features of Excel:
Following are the features of MS-Excel.
  1. Easy to use GUI Windows platform and Menu driven concept.
  2. So many functions and formulae for easy calculation and data records.
  3. Can be used as Database and is also supports multiple file formats which helps you to open varieties of document in single application.
  4. Also supports Charts and Tables.
  5. Online and offline support for user about Application and its contents.
  6. Document can be shared through out network that is a concept of multi-user.
  7. Data Import and Export feature.
  8. Templates and Designs for pleasant look.
  9. Understands different formats of number such as date, time, currency, normal etc.

How to Start MS-Excel 2003

You can open Microsoft Excel in two ways:
  • Go to Start  Click on Programs/All Programs  Choose Microsoft Office  Choose Microsoft Office Excel 2003.
  • Go to Start  Click on Run  Type excel in open box  click OK.
  • With Regards,
    John Bhatt